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Product Name: Antioxidant BHT; Butylated hydroxytoluene
CAS No: 128-37-0
Product Type: Food and feed additives -> Food additives
Product spec: Purity: 99% MIN.
Packing: 25kgs/kraft paper bag
Post Time: 2019-05-27
Usage: Antioxidant BHT(2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methyl phenol) is mainly used as food addictive to prevent rancidity. It is applicable to various lubricating oils, re-processed gasoline, paraffin and other mineral oils etc. 
Description: Appearance white crystals or crystalline powder m.p.°C 69.0-70.0 Purity, % 99.9 Water content, % 0.1 Incandesced residue ,% 0.01 Sulfate (as SO4), % 0.002 Heavy metal (as Pb), % 0.0004 As     ,% 0.0001 Free cresol(as p-cresol) ,% 0.02
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